This is a space where I share my thoughts about anything (publishable) that goes in my mind. And this is usually “changing reality through magick” and “programming technologies”.

The intent here is to have no boundaries and do not represent anyone else but me in my statements. I am a bit tired of being together with other people when saying stuff, having to be concerned about other interests and censure.

I am known as Frater AD. I started my career as an ad-copywriter and after a while I found myself using my writing talents to write code. I just fell in love with programming. This was in 2008ish. Now, after delivering lots of projects for clients, I am wondering: what can I do for myself?

My direct answer is Art. I want to be an artist, delivering code poetry. Wouldn’t it be magickal? Lets see how it goes.

And yes, I am involved with Chaos Magick since “I don’t remember when”. I am not here to explain what it is. I think Peter J. Carol has done a pretty good effort on that. Enough.

Everything made by me on this website has the WTFPL license.

April 05, 2013

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