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The Sigilizer

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I’ve just released a new magickal tool: The Sigilizer. Below follows the explanation presented within the app:

Sigilization is a magickal technique that involves redesigning a desire mantric or pictorially and charge it in a state of Gnosis, so that the created symbol can access the almighty “Subconscious”, able to make that wish come true.

There are several ways to create a sigil, but the methodology used by the Sigilizer to create mantric sigils was made popular by Austin Osman Spare and consists of 3 steps:

1 – Declare an intent:

Ex: It is our will to create sigils.

ps: It is said that beginning with “It is my/our will” is more efficient.

2 – Eliminate all repeated letters, accents and points:

It is our will to create sigils

We get:


3 – Arrange the letters to find a pronounceable mantra:


This technique has proven to be efficient and is very popular among Chaos Magicians. However, this process can be bureaucratic and boring, when in fact the most important part is the state of gnosis and charging the sigil.

At this point the Sigilizer comes in. The application creates mantric sigils automagically from intents input by you. And not only one sigil, but several possible variations. The script will always search for the more pronounceable mantras moving vowels to separate consonants.

Moreover, the Sigilizer is a collective project that aims to understand what magicians are desiring. Each input intent is saved (anonymously!!) in a database (Only at the web app. The app inside Google Play and App Store don’t keep anything.). The idea is that over time we have a “Desiring Panel” to be presented at art instalations and related.

And besides generating sigils, the app offers a simple meditation to charge it. Input your will, sigilize it and click at “can we offer a meditation to charge it?” to have a small trip (Only available on the desktop version.). Below follows the explanation about it:

This is a simple meditation that uses the Sigilizer to generate several sigils in accordance with the desire you have input. Each generated sigil will be “spoken” by the application at the same time that the letters forming the sigil will be drawn in motion in the background. The idea is that you sit in a meditative posture and try to empty your mind to “receive” impressions of this visualization. The total time that the sigils are spoken is about 15 minutes, but you can and should look to the screen for as long as you feel necessary. Experience suggests that the use of strong doses of hashish dramatically empowers this meditation.

And a tool for Guerrila Magick – A mobile Sigilizer

Screen_Shot_2013-12-27_at_9 (5)

Since the main goal of the Sigilizer is avoiding boringness and bureaucracy within magick, a mobile version was needed to allow the use of sigils at “runtime” situations. Open the Sigilizer on your phone and banm! A mobile version of the tool, optimized for it, will be presented and you can generate sigils for anything at anytime. “It is my will to receive my pizza Eventually.”, anyone?

And more, after opening it for the first time, your phone will save it and you can use it offline, even in the jungle!

The Sigilizer is now available on both App Store and Google Play. Much easier and with full screen mode support.

PS: The core engine of the app is on Github ( under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License (WTFPL).