Monthly Archives: January 2016

Vortex Ritual Reloaded

This is an installation I’ve been presenting since 2012, but now I finally managed to record it.
The concept is straightforward: get the classic chaos magick Vortex ritual and, instead of imagining the things inside my brain, project everything on the wall.

The Microsoft Kinect is used to track my movements. As I move my body accordingly to the ritual, the Kinect dispatches events so the application can draw the corresponding visuals. Since the Vortex Ritual is an open technic to charge any desire, I’ve put some intents at the end. The whole thing finishes with a meditation with chaos stars and Baphomet.

It is an Adobe AIR application, all ActionScript3 based. I used the airkinect-2-core lib to handle the Kinect. By now it is completely outdated but, guess what, it still works. I had to recompile the project recently and it was flawlesly. I also used the outdated (but still awesome) Flint Particles lib.

Anyone wanting to dig the code can get the source here.