The n-dimensional Chaos Sphere

It came up when I was developing that Chaos Sphere Trip. For some reason the x,y,z positions got screwed and this little beauty appeared on my screen. I got marvelled for a while, just watching it, till I realised I had finally understand a vision from an old friend.

A couple of years ago, a frater appeared at one of our meetings all excited about a vision he had: a chaos sphere with several arrows. He said fourteen, but “that is was how I can see it, in fact it seems to have infinite arrows”, he completed. Inspired, he couldn’t stop talking about what it does mean: “freedom in all dimensions, beyond our simple threedimensional comprehension”.

With the words above, I believe I am making his vision way clearer now. At that time, it sounded like a bit too much information. He didn’t had that talent to “transmit a vision”, if you know what I mean. But it planted a seed in my brain. A seed that has flourished now, giving birth to the n-dimensional Chaos Sphere.

I’ve been meditating for a while looking to this. Since its behaviour is completely created by fortuity, a “code coincidence”, anything that comes from it can be interpreted in a oracular way.

It looks very chaotic, but as chaos itself, sometimes it just shows its hidden order, and make you believe that some “will” is on top of it.

See for yourself (and then reload for some randomness).


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