The geometry of chaos and the Chaos Mudra

There are 2 main symbols of Chaos: the Chaos Star and the Chaos Sphere. Both meaning the same, one in a bi-dimensional space and another in 3D. While the first is defined as “eight arrows in a radial pattern”, the second can be described almost the same way: “eight arrows in a three-dimensional radial pattern”.

As I’ve said before, I keep tripping about these symbols. All my meditations take me, at some point, to visualize them with more and more details. It is kind of an obsession. A powerful magickal obsession. How to build them? What are their properties? I feel that the deeper I go into it, the more I manage to put my mind state into a “chaos frequency”. I am not talking about ideological concepts of chaos, but about a state of consciousness where EVERYTHING is possible. The Chaos Star/Sphere has shown itself to me as the ultimate sigil for freeing the mind. Do not talk about freedom. Do not think about freedom. Charge the chaos symbol into yourself till it changes you.

And what does it hide? As anyone looking at something for ages, I started to see “things” into it. Mostly its hidden geometries providing numbers with power, giving me hints on how to proceed with my rituals.

The Chaos Star is easy. 8 arrows equally distributed in 360°. Divided by 8, it gives us 45° separating each arrow. Everybody knows that 45° is a special angle. We can go on and see 8 triangles and an outer circle. But I did not trip about it. Yet.


For now, lets jump to the Chaos Sphere and see a myriad of things emerge.

The arrows in a chaos sphere are the space diagonals of a perfect cube. The edges of this cube guarantees that all arrows will be separated by the same distance, since all edges share the same size. And how do I get the angles of these space diagonals? Well, I am terrible with math, but after some days refreshing my trigonometry skills, I finally got it.


For my surprise, what define the base of rotations of the chaos sphere’s arrows is the Magic Angle. Yeah, indeed: 54.735610317° is considered magic by regular science and medicine.

Of course the Magic Angle is not alone.
We have its opposite: 35.264389682° (could us call it the “Dark Magic Angle”?),
Its double: 109.471220634° (The angle between 2 of the chaos sphere’s arrows),
Its opposite double: 70.528779365° (The opposite angle between 2 of the chaos sphere’s arrows).

They can be simple numbers or, under the correct paradigm, can be quite powerful. Personally, I finally found a justification for a mudra that come to me almost every time I got into a very deep meditation state. My hand go to my face, and my fingers make an especial angle, the angle between 2 of the chaos sphere’s arrows. I never knew before why I was doing this. But it is because the Chaos Sphere’s arrows were entering in my head, my body, my soul. From now on, I call it the Chaos Mudra.


And together with that, I have now all the data I need to generate a Chaos Sphere 100% by code. See it here. This is the first step for the Chaos Sphere Generator.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 5.49.06 PM

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