A Chaos Sphere trip

I finally manage to put an interactive visualisation of what happens inside my mind sometimes into deep meditations. It is a very pleasant chaos sphere trip. I start to see thousands of them and it looks like all reality atoms are in fact chaos spheres.

After developing this, I am now using it like “reverse mind engineering”. Instead of meditating for a long time to reach a state of mind where I see this, I am now seeing this in a big TV screen and it makes it easier to reach that state of mind. It is really interesting. For me it is like I have “stolen fire from heaven”, because now I can just turn my computer on and see things only visible on the realms of deep trance.

I am using the ThreeJS framework to build the 3D environment. I just started to study it and I am really liking. The fact that you dont have to compile anything is a bless. Just save it. Done. It is all in the browser ( WebGL enabled ones, of course), no plugins at all.

After discovering the Magic Chaos Angle, I’ve made a method for building Chaos Spheres: https://caostar.com/3d/js/custom/chaosphere.js
It is just a scratch yet. But with this you can have a chaos sphere inside ThreeJS as easy as this:

var newChaosSphere = createChaosSphere();

I will be updating the JS file above with improvements.

Click here and trip for yourself (and then reload for some randomness).

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