The Chaos Star Generator

Since I got involved with Chaos Magick, the Chaos Star symbol got stuck in my mind. It is so beautiful and full of meanings. Freedom beyond imagination. Eight directions signifying all possibilities, “including before conceiving”, as A.O.S would say.

After hundreds of meditations visualizing and several epiphanies with it, I started to see Chaos Stars everywhere. Remember the greek concept that “it is all made of triangles”? What about “it is all made of chaos stars”? Each particle, unity of materia, being an all-possible-including-possibility chaos star, just waiting for perception to manifest one of its possibilities in the “real world”.  That is how I have been tripping on top of the issue. Lots of fun.

And then it got connected with my generative art studies. I have visualized the Chaos Star in gazillion different forms. How can I draw them all in a computer screen? And more: what is a Chaos Star? Wikipedia says: “eight arrows in a radial pattern”. It is a perfect definition for me, since it leaves the field open for infinite abstractions.

So the Chaos Star Generator has born. It is a Javascript web application where you can input parameters to explore the visual possibilities of “eight arrows in a radial pattern”. And, of course, you can get random inspiration clicking on the screen to get one, or a infinite sequence clicking at “Inspire me randomly, please.” You can save the Chaos Star and/or publish it on your Facebook wall.

The proccess of building the app has presented several technical challenges that I will be probably talking in other posts, like publishing from <canvas> to the Facebook wall. I am using some open source stuff from other people, but everything made by me has the WTFPL license. So “Do What The Fuck You Want To” do with it.

Besides being just a beautiful play, it can be a quite useful magickal tool. Try this:

1 – Upload a texture (left controls) with a sigil at the exact center of the bitmap. Like this:texture4
2 – Click at “Inspire me randomly, please.”
3 – Open the controls (top right) and manipulate the “transitionTime” parameter to get your preferred speed.
4 – Get into some gnosis and look at the moving Chaos Star with your sigil at the same time.
5 – Hell yeah. You got it.

Try the Chaos Star Generator.

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